Giveaway rules
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The Broken One

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08-30-2015, 10:36 AM -
1. Giveaways can be held by any member that chooses to do so.
2. Giveaways must be followed through. If not then it may result in punishments.
3. Giveaways can be any item or game you choose to giveaway.
4. Giveaway entries should give their Steam ID instead of steam name. This shall prevent users who are banned from community/forums from making a new account and entering them.
5. Forum admins can choose to shut down a giveaway if they believe it needs to be done. Which may be the result of the following.
6. Only reply once in each giveaway. This will prevent double entries.

These rules may be excepted or different rules apply if forum administrator is hosting it.
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