New commands
Started by Amber

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Tongue  12-13-2016, 11:24 AM -
Added in some small tweaks (commands)  (nothing major)

New commands 

/ticket  -this can be used as an alternate system to call an admin, this will show we have open tickets, how long the ticket has been opened and so on. It is preferred to be used as only for things that don't need attention right away. Such as bug reports or suggestions or even small questions about the server. But Amber, how is helpful? Say we have a packed server. Some admin chats will be missed due to chat spam (including unboxing) or already in a sit! So by adding your suggestions and less needed sits here, you are guaranteed to have a response! This will show when your ticket is in progress or even resolved.

!game  - this will bring you to gametracker

!admins - shows admins online
(For admins it keeps a track of total kicks, bans, and time online that day/week)

!donate. - links you to PayPal 

Family sharing- Here's one that will be very hit or miss. I have added in a system that once you are banned for hacking or whatever else it will ban your other accounts. For example, say I catch player A hacking. I ban player A permanently, player A thinks, well I family share, so I'll just join my alt account. Well, within 3 seconds of joining, player A is automatically rebanned on any family sharing accounts he/she has. This could be very helpful in the long run, thus making said player to make an unban thread within a month of being banned.

Fear the almighty Ambear!

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