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Started by The Phinc

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The Phinc

19 posts 4 threads Joined: Jul 2017
07-24-2017, 10:27 PM -
Removed due to me not having the confidence to get staff.
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Rust/Gmodz Owner

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07-25-2017, 05:26 AM -
Your application need some working on, I understand where your coming from, but calling out staff members and players individually isn't very mature, you should focus more on yourself then others, especially mentioning the Riley thing. Uncalled for. Also, "fuck you im done with these shitty admins" to makavelli. Please look into editing.

UPDATE: was fixed, thank you.
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Fear the almighty Ambear!
Slappy Mcflappy
Gmod-Z Admin

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07-25-2017, 08:32 AM -
I wouldn't have guessed that you would be applying for a staff position, but we all have to start somewhere. Given your past and some of the things you have done, I personally don't think you would be thrown into a staff spot without proving that you can uphold that position to the standard first. Also it may be your time zone difference, but I don't really see you on as much either. You usually come on after we've all been on the server for a bit already. Prove to us that you can handle/react to certain situations correctly, not just when staff members are online. Do the right thing when no one is looking(here at DG, someone is always looking though) and you'll be squared away.

Regarding your application, it lacks basic information about yourself. We all see the sexy smexy who plays in-game, but not a lot of us know much about you as an actual person. It also worries me that your main focal point within your application is 'you not abusing your powers'. That should be something that none of us should worry about and that shouldn't even need to be mentioned. A key trait to have is 'integrity'. Keep up the good work when helping out players like you mentioned above, that is a step in the right direction. Recap on that and it'll be a consideration for sure.

Until then,

-i only drink fiji/Slappy
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Your Sesquipedalian Gmodz SA

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07-25-2017, 08:40 PM -
Ya smexy take some time to help new players mabye me and u could get on the server and help people u know. Also ur app is nice but just take time for helping staff and new players like giving them guns or money and etc Have a good day Smile
I Love Sea Turtles
Gmod-Z Admin

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08-01-2017, 08:14 PM -
Looks it's nothing personal but why did you even apply? You are the most or one of the most toxic players defused has ever seen. You have been banned from the server and the forms god knows how many times and you apply for staff? Look you did put this application together with lots of time and effort, I can see that. But what you need to understand is that trust is something you work at not receive. In the end in my opinion is that you need to spend more time being on and helping staff/users any way you can and it might take some time but you can do it. I really appreciate the effort you put in to this but I am going to have to saw not now.

The Phinc

19 posts 4 threads Joined: Jul 2017
08-01-2017, 10:32 PM -
Understandable, have a nice day
Gmod-Z Moderator

23 posts 7 threads Joined: Dec 2015
08-03-2017, 10:32 AM -
From what I know about him, he's not a bad person. I have a couple things I want to say. Though I haven't seen your toxic behavior as much as the other staff. I believe that this kind of behavior can definitely be changed. I'm just concerned on your willingness to help the server and Defused. Anyone can say they want to help the server, but very few actually do. Staff positions come with a lot of power and responsibility. As staff, you'll be with us and the community for a long time. It takes strong commitment and dedication. I personally think you should build up a good reputation with others first and try to help the community out. I see you as a regular player, not yet as a staff member whom I can trust completely.

So for now at least, its a +0/-0
Rust/Gmodz Owner

740 posts 78 threads Joined: Mar 2015
08-06-2017, 09:39 AM -
You had a really good chance at staff as we were willing to give you a chance. However, your behavior showed us other wise.


Fear the almighty Ambear!

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