Hypersplit's Rust Admin Application
Started by hypersplit

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Wink  04-01-2018, 07:52 PM -
In-game Name : I almost always have my name as Hypersplit. On very rare chances it'll be something else but changed back very soon.

SteamID64 : 76561198059551534

Steam Profile Link : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Hypersplit/ I currently have it on private but I can put it on public if you would want me to.

Age : 13

Timezone : PST

In point form, list 3 of your best traits:
- I am very active. My schedule consists of on weekdays I can be on around 3PM to around 12AM
- I feel like I'm very decisive, usually whenever there is a problem I'll try everything to fix it.
- I'm very accessible, somebody can message me at almost any time and get a reply in a short window of time.

In point form, list 5 reasons why you should be picked:
- I'm quite knowledgeable when it comes to anything regarding Rust.
- I can consistently check up on the chat in-game to always make sure the rules are being followed.
- The staff team have all been busy and or not online so I figured I could help by moderating the in-game.
- I know the majority of people on the server that have been on recently.
- I also know the owner quite well, so I feel like communicating back and forth would be easy.

1) How many hours do you have in rust? How many hours our on our server?
At the time of writing this I have 1,305 hours on Rust. I more than likely have around 300 maybe more or maybe a bit less hours on the server. But that is just a guess.

2) When are you most active?
Weekdays I'm active all afternoon. On weekends I'm active anywhere from noon to late in the night.

3) Do you have any staffing experience? (Please list all, if any and why you're no longer staff there)
I was staff on 2 different Gmod servers. One was Drunken T's which I was staff on for about 2 years and then the server closed. I was also staff on FragRP for about a month then the server closed. Bad timing.

4) Are you willing to use teamspeak (discord I'm assuming now)?
I'm willing to use teamspeak, but also discord.

5) Are you willing to be active on the forums? (Applications, ban appeals, abuse reports etc..)
Of course, that is something I could also do whenever I have downtime at school and when I'm home.

6) Are you familiar with closing, moving, deleting threads on forums?
Yes, very.

7) Are you familiar with using a FTP(File Transfer Protocol) client?
If by that you mean programs like Dropbox, yes I am.

8) If not already, would you be willing to learn/perform map wipes?
Yes I would.

9) If not already, would you be willing to learn/update any Oxide plugin needed?
Also yes.

10) How do you plan to help out the community?
By consistently enforcing the rules on anything need be.

General Questions

1) If you were offline at the time and a player came to you with a complaint of another player using racism towards them, but had no proof, How would you handle the situation?
I would check logs to try and see any proof I could find, if there still is nothing there I'd tell them there isn't too much I can do.
Same situation as above, but this time you have proof, How would you handle this situation?
Well, in the discord I was told to use bans. So I'm assuming I would use the same punishments as in the discord.

2) How would you handle a situation where another staff member was abusing his/her powers?
I'd try to get any and all proof I could get and report it to my superior (owner)

3) How would you handle an admin abuse report on yourself?
As I was taught on a previous server I was admin on, it was to screenshot logs and make sure I had proof of me not doing anything wrong to show to any superiors.

4) There is a fight in chat that has been going on more than 10 minutes, how would you handle that?
I'd mute both of them in the chat and reassure that they have read the rules on the forums and leave them with a warning. If that behavior continues I'd raise punishments.

5) Someone is making threats to the server, what would you do?
As stated in the rules for the Rust server, it would be an instant permanent ban. No questions asked.
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Fear the almighty Ambear!

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