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06-07-2018, 02:55 PM -
In-game Name: Hienz Doofenshmirtz

Suggestion: Removing level system & make server 10x

Examples: Moving all resource gathering to a permanent 10x permanently. Cloth 1= 10, Sulfur Node 1=3000 sulfur, etc.

How would this help us out?: Would make the server fast paced but not making it easy to the point where you get 10,000 sulfur per node. The current level system goes up 30% each level and the levels are quick and easy to achieve. When you reach level 12 you have a 330% boost which is roughly 15x boost. This makes the server so easy that the population may find it to easy. Moving it to 10x encourages grinding, but is also fast paced which might pull more players.

Do you believe other people would like this as well? If so, why?:
People like to grind, but when that is taken away people may leave because it is too easy. 10x is a good basis for a fast paced server making it easy, but not to easy. This is why I believe people would like this change, and become more involved in the community and server.
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