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Started by Invader Steeven

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Invader Steeven
Cannot Evade

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08-05-2018, 09:49 PM -
Trouble in Terrorist Town Suggestions
Weapons Suggestions
Counter-Strike: Source
Format: (Weapon Name) (Category) (Implementation)
  • Dual 96G Elite Berettas (Handgun) (Traitors/Detectives)
  • MP5 Navy (Sub-Machine Gun) (Everyone)
  • IMI Galil (Rifle) (Everyone)
Half-Life 2
  • Crossbow (Weapon_Crossbow) (Traitors)
Map Suggestions
  • ttt_ski-resort_a5_f1
  • ttt_space_station
  • ttt_whitehouse_b2
  • ttt_casino_b2
   All of these are suggestions that I believe would help "spice" up the server. The weapons are from games that the majority of Garry's Mod players should own, so the download time shouldn't be too much of a problem. The weapons if deemed unbalanced should be changeable. 
   Most of the suggested maps were previously implemented into the server but was removed after the server wipe. The only new map is "ttt_casino_b2" which I believe would be a great addition to our map cycle. 
    I understand that staying original keeps login time fast but if we are unable to be creative and present new things to the player base, we would not be able to bring in new players and keep old players excited.
P.S The suggestions can be easily found with a simple name search if you cannot find it. Tell me and I reply to you with a link.
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The Broken One

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08-12-2018, 04:57 PM -

•MP5 Navy (Sub-Machine Gun) (Everyone) (added and able to spawn. Unable to find on maps)

•IMI Galil (Rifle) (Everyone) (confirmed it spawned on maps)

Half-Life 2
•Crossbow (Weapon_Crossbow) (Traitors) (will need touchups)
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